Let’s talk about youth work and new methods!

During the first EAYW, we have had a pleasure to hear more about 36 contributors about their innovative and quality youth work practices. The topics of contributions ranged from digital youth work to quality in youth work. And from today we are starting with sharing these contributions with you. Today we would like to talk…

Final report of the #EAYW available right now!

We are excited and happy to announce that EAYW report is available now! This report presents the findings from the first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work (EAYW), which was held from 21 to 24 May 2019 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. The report complements the Background Paper that was published in advance of…

Final #EAYW video is out!

We are happy to share with you our final #EAYW video, where you can see the atmosphere of the whole event, as well as some statements of different stakeholders who attended the event. The #EAYW was full of great memorable moments, knowledge and practice sharing and discussions! You can read our daily blogs to get…

What do stakeholders think about the EAYW?

During the first #EAYW we created several short interviews with different stakeholders, who talked to us about their impressions about the Academy and what it meant for them. We will publish several interviews during the next period on our social media channels and YouTube channel. We have conducted interviews with key note speakers, contributors, participants, NA representatives…

Being part of the new story: Recap of the #EAYW, Day 4

Friday was the last day of the 1st pilot edition of the European Academy on Youth Work. If we explain the EAYW as the beginning of a new story in the youth work field, one of its key content elements would be the research before the event, during the event and after. And this research plays an…

Frustration vs. inspiration? #EAYW has it all! Recap of Day 3

Ok, today was a little bit frustrating…. Because there were 24 contributions taking place, and each of us could only attend 4 of them. Do you share this frustration with us? But it was also a super inspiring day, so let us forget about the frustration; we will get the notes from each session. If anything,…

Let´s get our hands dirty! Recap of the Day 2

Today delivered what we have all been waiting for. After the official opening by Tin Kampl, Head of the office for youth of Slovenia, the question which stayed with us was: How can political frameworks support innovation in youth work? Jacob Kornbeck from the European Commission answered the question by presenting the process of the new EU…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… European Academy on Youth Work launched!

160 participants, 32 countries, 36 unique contributions.  Youth workers, educators, trainers, researchers, decision makers and practitioners all gathered at the first edition of the European Academy on Youth wWork. For the next 3 days, we will become trend and innovation explorers at the EAYW, which is an innovation in itself. The idea for such an event…

Follow the 1st edition of the EAYW live!

WATCH OUR LIVE STREAM HERE: http://bit.do/eayw-live  The first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work will start coming Tuesday, 21 May, and run until Friday, 24 May. Here is the programme overview. Below you find the schedule of key note presentations that will be live-streamed via this website. Take note and book what looks…

New! Concept paper of the EAYW

What are current priorities, trends and developments in European youth work, youth policy and programmes with regard to innovation and quality development? What is innovation and why do we need it? And what is innovation in youth work? What is the EAYW within this framework? Hans-Joachim Schild has been involved in the conceptualisation and development…

Innovative practice of the week: AppRaiser lets trainers assess their performance and competences!

AppRaiser platform offers free solutions for professional development, which includes self-assessment and feedback from participants, colleagues and organisers.

European Academy on Youth Work background paper published

What are current developments and trends we can observe in youth work and related fields? Why do we need innovation, and how can we understand innovation in a European context? What are the driving factors? What are dilemmas and tensions that youth work faces in this context? Is youth work up to the challenge? The…

Innovative practice of the week: Why should we use indicators in youth work?

Youth Work Growth Cycle is a tool that translates the recommendations on quality that are usually incomprehensible to grassroots youth workers into practice.

Innovative practice of the week: Can your city become a City of Learning?

Cities of Learning is a territory-based web platform that enables cities and regions to create unique learning pathways for their youth.

Innovation practice of the week: The Pathway Home! Service for homeless youth

The Pathway Home! is a support model that helps young adults to build their own independent way of living and to find their full potential.

Innovation practice of the week: “Community Guarantee” – a support service model for NEET young people

“Community Guarantee” is practice-based and evidence-based, realistic and up-to-date model describing the concept of an effective and multi-dimensional support service for youth not in employment, education or training.

Innovation practice of the week: Eduesc@peroom – the Educational Escape room

The world is changing and so is the concept of learning. We see changes in the role of educator and a change from boring learning spaces to adventurous and creative learning environments where people can explore and discover.

Welcome to the EAYW! A message from the host

Welcome to the EAYW! A message from the host

Participants selected!

Preparations for the first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work are going on. Over 140 participants coming from 33 countries have been selected and invited to join the EAYW.