During the first #EAYW we created several short interviews with different stakeholders, who talked to us about their impressions about the Academy and what it meant for them.

We will publish several interviews during the next period on our social media channels and YouTube channel. We have conducted interviews with key note speakers, contributors, participants, NA representatives and decision makers.

All interviews are available on our YouTube page:


In the first video, we’re talking with Guoda Lomanaite, Director of the Lithuanian National Agency and EAYW Steering Group member, who told us more about the background of the Academy and its relevance on policy level.

In our second interview, we’re speaking with Uwe Finke-Timpe from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in Germany about our event and what he will bring back to the Ministry.

One of the key-note speakers Marteen Leyts from Trendwolves, talked to us more about what youth work could gain from cooperation with other sectors. Why is it important to learn from other sectors, is the key question of this talk.

Maria Luisa Pagano, one of the 36 contributors, also shared with us what the Academy meant for her and why she finds it important to implement these kinds of events.

In our next interview, one of the EAYW speakers, Matevž Straus, tells us more about the importance of creating deep relationships with young people and how to do this, and explains what innovation means for him.

You can also watch the videos on our Facebook page!