How do we work?

The European Academy on Youth Work is guided by a Steering Group (SG), which is composed of representatives of some of the  institutional partners. The SG regularly meets to decide on the further development of the EAYW.

In order to ensure the connection of the EAYW to the needs and interests of different stakeholders involved in European youth work, the EAYW is supported by an Advisory Board of external experts (AB), which advises the SG on the content development of the EAYW. The Advisory Board also meets in regular intervals, partially jointly with the SG.

The EAYW is open for new partners.

The EAYW is supported by an implementation team. You can contact us at:

  • EAYW coordination:

Sonja Mitter Škulj,

  • EAYW project assistance:

Maya Petkovšek,

  • EAYW communication:

Domagoj Morić,