Window to the Future is an educational tool designed for the Third European Academy Event in May 2024.

NOTE: The tool will be made available online for everyone to download and use. For the moment, this page is still under construction and you can only download the game board. The cards and instruction leaflet should be available here by the end of May. 

Tool objectives:

  • To promote constructive conversations about the future
  • To develop future thinking competences 
  • To consider possible future scenarios and imagine desirable changes
  • To consider actions in the present that can positively influence the future to come


  • Easy instructions
  • Interesting questions
  • Playful/joyful elements
  • Prompts for actions in the present/near future
  • Micro-inputs about Future Thinking

Parts needed for playing:


GAME BOARD (click here to access the board)


(The empty cards can be used if you would like to change or add elements on the cards):

Area Cards

Living in the Future Card

Ask a Futurist Card

Badge Cards

Instructions Leaflet