Window to the Future was created for and played by the participants during the Third European Academy Event in May 2024.

This game invites you to open a window into the future. It is a reflection tool to kick off interesting and balanced conversations around what the future might hold for our communities and how we can act now to co-create a better future. Use it when you want to practise future-thinking skills, such as imagination, empathy, critical thinking and strategic thinking.

Tool objectives:

  • To promote constructive conversations about the future
  • To develop future thinking competences
  • To consider possible future scenarios and imagine desirable changes
  • To consider actions in the present that can positively influence the future to come



  • Easy instructions
  • Interesting questions
  • Playful/joyful elements
  • Prompts for actions in the present/near future
  • Micro-inputs about future thinking


Materials needed:

The tool consists in an instructions booklet, a game board and 4 different kinds of playing cards. Below you can find them in a version that you can print on a simple colour printer (best one that enables 2-sided printing).

In addition, you will need dice, post-its and pens.

Take a look at the instructions for more details.

Game board

The game board comes in two sizes. A2 provides ample space for post-is with reflections from groups of up five persons per game board.




The of the four sets of cards contain the cards with text that have been prepared as a part of this tool, as well as some empty cards. We invite you to use the empty cards, if you would like to change or add elements that are not mentioned in the present version of the game.

Area Cards

Living in the Future Card

Ask a Futurist Cards

Badge Cards

If you would like to print the tool at a printing shop, please contact us and we can send you the suitable version of the cards, game board and instructions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have related to the game.

And if you played it with your team, group or participants, we would be very interested to receive your feedback!

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