Studies, reports, videos, podcasts and other resources produced by the EAYW:

#EAYW Study on Innovation in Youth Work

What is innovation and how does it happen? What can support or hinder innovation in the context of youth work? These were some of the questions investigated in the study on youth work and innovation conducted by the EAYW in the period between summer 2020 and summer 2021.

Study on Innovation in Youth Work – Final Report, podcast, visual summaries

#EAYW Video Podcasts – perspectives about innovation, trends and developments in youth work

Do you want to find out more about opinions from the community of practice about innovation, challenges, needs and trends in youth work and how they could be addressed? Do you want to dive into meaningful content? In this series of podcasts, we are discussing questions around innovation, quality and trends in youth work with experts in youth work and research from different perspectives.

#EAYW podcast: Diana Yeghiazaryan

#EAYW podcast: Ozgehan Senyuva

#EAYW podcast: Jan Lai

#EAYW podcast: Karsten König

Catching up with #EAYW Contributors… Articles

At the 1st edition of the EAYW in 2019, the participants had the opportunity to learn from 36 different contributions dealing with various topics of importance for the European youth work community of practice. Two years later, some contributors have given us insights into how they developed their project further, which further initiatives it stimulated and what innovation means to them.

Catching up with #EAYW Contributors: Hacking the system – how a group of young people changed youth policy

Catching up with #EAYW Contributors: Innovation is strongly linked to the needs of young people!

#EAYW Meets… Articles

How are current developments and innovation and quality in youth work discussed in different thematic events in European Youth Work? The European Academy on Youth Work (EAYW) has joined some European events to find out more about inspirational reflections and responses to current developments aiming to support quality and innovation in youth work.

#EAYW Meets Bridges for Trainers, part 1 (November 2020)

“Innovation is at the Core of What We Do!”: #EAYW Meets Bridges for Trainers, part 2

#EAYW Meets the 3rd European Youth Work Convention: Striving to further develop quality and innovation (December 2020)

#EAYW Meets The Outreach of South Youth Workers (July 2021)

Outcomes of the second European Academy on Youth Work (2022)

5 webinars on “Learning in Time of Disruption and Change” – visual summaries and recordings

Second EAYW event – final report

Final video

Interviews with participants and experts and other videos

Outcomes of the first European Academy on Youth Work (2019)

Resources from the 1st edition of the European Academy on Youth Work include the EAYW final report, concept paper, reports summarizing key insights from 36 workshops showcasing innnovative practices, key note speeches, interviews with participants and other materials.

Other resources

EU Youth Strategy and European Youth Work Conventions

EU Youth Strategy 2019 – 2027 and A renewed EU Youth Strategy proposed by the European Commission for 2019-2027

Information about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd European Youth Work Conventions (Declarations and other resources)

Developing Quality and Innovation in European Youth Work

Talking Youth Work – a series of podcast interviews with youth work experts and practitioners on topics related to innovation in youth work.

Developing digital youth work: Policy recommendations, training needs and good practice examples (European Commission, 2018)

Inclusion and Diversity in Digital Youth Work (SALTO ID)

Unleashing young people’s creativity and innovation: European good practice projects (European Commission, 2015)

Quality Youth Work – A common framework for the further development of youth work (European Commission, 2015)

Their Future is Our Future – Youth as Actors of Change (European Commission, Research and Innovation, 2015)

Learning mobility in the field of youth (EU – Council of Europe Youth Partnership)

Thinking seriously about youth work. And how to prepare people to do it (EU – Council of Europe Youth Partnership, 2017)

History of youth work series (EU – Council of Europe Youth Partnership)

Policy paper: Youth work in the European Youth Forum and Youth Organisations (European Youth Forum, 2014)

Study on the Social Value of Youth Organisations (European Youth Forum, 2016)

Innovation in youth work: thinking in practice (YMCA George Williams College, London, edited by Naomi Stanton)

Innovation and Youth Work (by Tony Jeffs, in: Youth and Policy, 2015)

Transformative Youth Work International Conference (Plymouth Marjon University, U.K., September 2018)