The diversity of practices presented at the first European Academy on Youth Work event in 2019 impressively showed the innovative potential of youth work in Europe. At the same time, the questions of how innovation in youth work functions and how it could be better supported were not easily answered. On this background, in spring 2020, the EAYW partnership initiated a study to try to find some answers to these questions.

So what is innovation and how does it happen? What can support or hinder innovation in the context of youth work? These were some of the questions investigated in the study on youth work and innovation conducted by the EAYW in the period between summer 2020 and summer 2021.

To find out more, desk research was conducted, and focus groups and a survey were carried out with youth workers and managers of organisations from the youth work community of practice.

The study outcomes include a definition of innovation in youth work, a theoretical model of how innovations happen, and some conclusions based on an analysis of the factors that play the greatest roles in supporting or hindering innovations in youth work.


Curious to find out more?

Just published: We invite you to read the final report of the study! (Click on the picture.)


In an interesting 30-minute podcast with the research team, Dragan Atanasov, Michelangelo Belletti and Federica Demicheli are presenting the main outcomes of the study, on the topic of innovation, factors that support or hinder innovation, and how you can use the Study in your work.

We also had the chance to share some insights from the EAYW research during an episode of the RAY Youth Research Dialogues in December 2021. If you are interested in watching the full dialogue, go to the RAY Network Facebook page or click on this link, which will lead you directly to the video!