Illustration of one person looking through big binoculars, second person pushing a big wheel up a ladder next to this illustration it's written "BECOME A SIGNAL SPOTTER!" with capital letters. In upper right corner you can see logo from Erasmus+ and EAYW

What will youth work look like in 2050? What role will youth workers have? What competencies will they hold? What infrastructures will need to be created to support them? These are the questions that our research team (Aleksandra Szymczyk, Gisele Evrard-Marković, Ozgehan Senyuva and Darko Marković) is trying to answer – and we need your input!


In light of the complex and rapidly evolving challenges our societies face, the importance of conducting research into the future of youth work cannot be overstated. The EAYW Futures of Youth Work Project is an investment into futures thinking that aims to consider and shape the future of youth work in ways that align with the needs of a fast-changing world.


To envision the future, Futures of Youth Work will engage ‘Signal Spotters’ to conduct a Horizon Scan. Horizon Scanning is a powerful methodology that involves identifying and analysing emerging trends, drivers of change, patterns, and potential disruptions that will shape the landscape of youth work in the coming decades.


And what is a signal? A signal refers to a piece of information or an early indicator that suggests the possibility of a significant shift or emerging trend in a particular domain. It can be a pattern, event, observation, technology, behaviour, or any other observable phenomenon that carries potential meaning for the future. 


In this context, we are looking for signal spotters. This could be you! Signal spotters do not need to be experts in youth work or foresight methodologies (although they can be as well). You need to have a good sense of observation and a creative ability to make sense of the signals you spot. The entire process will be thoroughly explained during a virtual onboarding session.


Your commitment will involve devoting time over a few weeks for collecting and sharing your valuable insights and observations. You can be flexible in how you structure it – it can be 15 minutes a day, or a few hours each week, depending on your schedule. If you decide to become a signal spotter, you will have the opportunity to contribute to exploring the future of youth work, to develop your future literacy and future-thinking mindset and connect with like-minded professionals. Signal spotters will carry out their observations from early September until the end of October 2023.


Interested? Find out more details in the call below! We invite you to express your interest to join Futures of Youth Work as a Signal Spotter by filling out the registration form by 6th August 2023. We will notify all Signal Spotters by mid-August. 


The detailed call for Signal Spotters with the link to the registration form can be found HERE


We are looking forward to working with you!