On 17th – 18th February 2020, the Steering Group of the 2nd edition of the European Academy on Youth Work had its first meeting in Ljubljana to start preparing the process for the 2nd EAYW event planned for November 2021.

How can youth workers respond to current trends and developments, and how important is it to come up with innovative approaches to better respond to the existing needs and challenges? What do we mean when speaking about innovation in different environments? What conditions are needed, so that youth workers and organisations can try out new approaches in their work? These are some of the questions that the Academy wants to address further.

The Steering Group emphasized again the need for high quality contributions and more time for reflection and analysis in the next event, as well as the need to take into account and relate to the different realities and conditions for youth work across Europe.

In 2020, we will initiate some preparatory research to find out more about needs and challenges related to current trends and innovation in youth work and youth policy. We will also encourage sharing and reflection about innovative and inspiring initiatives and practices online.

An Advisory Board with practitioners and experts from different fields related to youth work will be set up to guide the further development of the EAYW.

More soon, so stay with us!