Innovation, Current Trends and Developments in Youth Work in Times of Disruption and Change

The 2nd European Academy on Youth Work followed the successful 1st pilot edition, which was organised in May 2019 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. More information and the final report of the 1st EAYW event are available here.

The 2nd edition placed emphasis on learning about the mechanisms that can spark, sustain and support innovation in youth work as a response to the challenges and fast-changing realities faced by societies and young people in Europe. It also took into account the outcomes of recent research on innovation in youth work carried out by the EAYW.

The 2nd EAYW offered a space for knowledge-building with the objectives:

  • To jointly explore what are the current challenges and trends in and of relevance for youth work that are calling for and leading to new, innovative and creative approaches and developments;
  • To showcase and mainstream innovative practices, approaches, concepts and strategies developed in response to these challenges and trends;
  • To find out more about how innovation evolves in youth work, and which conditions are needed by young people, youth workers, organisations working with young people and other relevant stakeholders to spark and sustain innovative and impactful approaches, practices or strategies and
  • To produce outcomes of the reflections and discussions during activities, which will help to build knowledge as a field and support further developments related to innovation in youth work.


Main activities included:

  1. Learning in Times of Disruption and Change – series of five interactive webinars, November 2021 – April 2022
  2. 2nd residential European Academy on Youth Work, 31 May – 3 June 2022, Slovenia