Innovation, Current Trends and Developments in Youth Work

21 – 24 May 2019, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work will be hosted by MOVIT, the Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+, youth field, from 21st to 24th May 2019 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Over 140 participants have been invited to discuss “Innovation, current Trends and Developments in Youth Work”.

The programme of the EAYW is based on a modular structure with parallel sessions and space for plenary sessions for key inputs and discussions on the topic of innovation in youth work. During the modular part of the programme, the participants will be able to participate in sessions of their choice, where they can:

  • Explore and test innovative tools, models and methods,
  • learn and reflect about experiences and learning outcomes of youth work projects and practices that are responding to current developments an challenges, from local to European, and their political impact,
  • get to know and discuss outcomes of recent research, studies and reflection papers, reflect on how these practices, tools or studies relate to and can be transferred to their own working context.

Contributions to the EAYW come from youth work practice and research including other youth-related sectors. 36 contributors from diverse countries and backgrounds have been selected to present, further explore and discuss their tools, methods, projects, research etc. with the participants during this event. The contributions have been selected on the basis of their innovative character, response to current trends and developments, support for development of quality in youth work, their potential for transferability and adaptability to different contexts, and – last but not least – the contributor’s interest to spark reflection and discussion and the active involvement of the participants.

Main topics addressed include, among others:

  • Social inclusion, working with different target groups of disadvantaged young people;
  • Digital youth work, technology and science in youth work;
  • The political role of youth work, education for democratic citizenship, European values;
  • Violence prevention, combatting discrimination and radicalisation;
  • Youth worker education;
  • Development and assessment of trainer competences;
  • Quality in learning mobility and its recognition;
  • Links between youth work and research;
  • Youth engagement and participation;
  • Cultural expression and creative learning;
  • Values in youth work;
  • Mental health in youth work;
  • Entrepreneurship and sustainability in youth work.

The EAYW aims to empower participants to act as trendsetters in youth work and to develop youth work further. To this end, the first edition of the EAYW will assure wide dissemination and exploitation of results with a strong multiplication effect, focusing on transfer of knowledge into youth work practice and into youth work policy. The most relevant sessions will be streamed and inputs given will be published online as well as in printed form, including an analytical synthesis report of the event.