The first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work took place in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, from 21 – 24 May 2019.


Programme overview (Note that the key note of Prof Patricia Loncle, foreseen for day 2, had to be cancelled.)

Concept paper by Hans-Joachim Schild. Read more about the concept of the EAYW and how the idea of the EAYW became reality.

EAYW, 1st edition, background paper by Dr Theo Gavrielides with the assistance of Aidan Chase-McCarthy. Analysis of contributions before the first EAYW.

EAYW, 1st edition, final report by Dr Theo Gavrielides with the assistance of Aidan Chase-McCarthy. This report presents the findings from the first EAYW.

Workshop reports other materials from the 36 workshops presenting innovative practices in and supporting youth work.

Daily blogs give an impression of the reflections and discussions during the Academy! day 1day 2day 3day 4


Key Notes and other Plenary Inputs

  • Official opening of the EAYW: Janez Škulj
  • Trends and Innovation in Youth Work – #EAYW background paper: Dr. Theo Gavrielides
  • Summary of reflections and impressions about trends and innovation: Dr. Theo Gavrielides
  • (Social) Innovation in the Context of Youth work: Matevž Straus
  • Panel discussion “Where to go from here – future perspectives of the Academy”
  • Support for innovation and quality development of youth work provided by the European Commission: Jacob Kornbeck


  • EAYW Interview: Maarten Leyts
  • EAYW Interview: Uwe Finke-Timpe
  • EAYW Interview: Guoda Lomanaite
  • EAYW Interview: Maria Luisa Pagano
  • EAYW Interview: Matevž Straus
  • EAYW Interview: Marzena Ples
  • EAYW Interview: Ramon Martinez
  • EAYW Interview: Inga Straumland
  • EAYW Interview: Cosmin Catana
  • EAYW Interview: Tinkara Koleša
  • EAYW Interview: Marinela Šumanjski

Daily videos

Daily recaps of all 4 days of the first EAYW.