We are excited to share with you a short outlook to what is coming next in the framework of the European Academy on Youth Work!


Good news: The Academy continues and the 3rd edition of the EAYW is confirmed. It will take place in May 2024 in Slovenia! Of course, the EAYW stays a platform where we will regularly discuss current trends, innovation and challenges in youth work


The Steering Group and Advisory Board of the EAYW have confirmed the relevance of further investigation, research and discussion of current trends and developments in the field of youth work and youth (work) policy. In the next period, we will focus on two main aspects – bringing outcomes of the Academy to the field and identifying trends and developments in youth work. What does that mean more concretely? 


In the coming months, we will share the outcomes of the Academy with the field, on European and national levels, and also in the context of the EU youth programmes. We plan to do this not only through participation in different events and bringing the topics of innovation and current trends to the discussions, but also developing modules and materials which will make it easier to share the knowledge we have already gained in the past years with different target groups.  


Also, we want to identify potential future developments in youth work, by looking more closely at the changes that are taking place in society and how they are impacting youth work as such. As you know, in the previous period, the work of the EAYW focused on innovation. In the next months, we are planning to take a closer look at current trends and future scenarios in the youth work context. 


A lot of new activities are heading up your way – so stay tuned! We are happy that you are following us and we hope to see you at some of the activities happening within the EAYW this year! 


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