We are looking for examples of innovative practices and approaches in the field of youth work as well as studies or policies supporting quality and innovation in youth work in Europe to be presented at the 2nd edition of the European Academy on Youth Work.

Contributions can address any level of youth work, from local to international, and they can come from the various fields of youth work including practice, education and training, research and policy. Proposals can be submitted by all members of the European youth work community of practice.

The 2nd edition will build on the experiences of the first EAYW event, but also intends to go a step further by putting a stronger emphasis on learning about the mechanisms that spark and support innovation in youth work as a response to challenges and changing realities faced by societies and young people. It also takes into account the outcomes of current research on innovation in youth work carried out in the frame of the EAYW.

You can find the Call for Contributions here. It includes the link to the online form where proposals can be submitted.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 25th March 2021

Have you developed an innovative practice that contributes to the further development and quality of youth work? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you!