Are you interested to find out more about innovation and innovative practices? About how we are we dealing with disruption in these challenging times of disruption and change?

If you are interested in finding out more and missed our first two webinars, you can now watch the recordings on our YouTube channel.

The webinars are part of the series of 2-hour long dynamic online sessions Learning as a field in times of disruption and change.


Click here to watch the 1st #EAYW webinar

Our first #EAYW Webinar dealt with the topic of „Innovation in Times of Disruption“. You will have a chance to listen to a short input by Federica Demicheli and Dragan Atanasov, who shared a definition and some main characteristics of innovation in youth work. Peter Mitchell, from the organisation Lernlabor, Berlin, presented their organisation’s experience in hybrid learning and how they managed a creative youth work project in an innovative way.


Click here to watch the 2nd #EAYW webinar

The Second #EAYW Webinar focused on the topic of „Recognising Larger Trends, Seeing Interconnections with Youth Work“. Dr. Peter Merry from Ubiquity University shared his insights on the larger societal and youth-related trends that might be influencing the lives and the learning needs of young people, as well as those working with young people in the field of youth work. Find out more in the recording on the right side!


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If you are interested to participate in the live webinars, please check out this article, as we will have three upcoming webinars! And the first one – “Rethinking innovation – What kind of innovator are you?” will be happening on January 27 from 9.30 (10.00) to 12:00! Check out more about the webinar here or simply scan the QR code on the left to access the registration form! See you there!