Rethinking innovation – what kind of innovator are you? is the title of our third webinar of the European Academy on Youth Work webinar series.

27th January, 9:30 (10:00) – 12:00

In our work environments, we know that not everyone is innovation savvy. Not all of us like to try new approaches, and some of us really prefer to stay on safe paths. But in the European Academy of Youth Work, we believe everyone can be an innovator.

Some of us will be the creative person that loves to explore alternatives, and some of us will be the organising force that will transform that new idea into a beautifully planned project. Some of us will work like big antennas always capturing new youth trends, and some will make sure that the team will drive innovation responsibly. When it comes to finding new solutions in times of disruption, every hand is needed on deck. 

In this webinar, we will look into those individual competences that do make a difference when teams want to create innovative solutions that are creative but also efficient, sustainable and ethical.

We are excited to have Federica Demicheli from the EAYW research team with us, as well as Seamus Quinn, Dramatherapist and Drama Practitioner, who will present the I-SAVE project to us, an ongoing European project coordinated by Gaiety School of Acting- The National Theatre School of Ireland. The project focuses on Inclusive Self-Advocacy Education and Empowerment for Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers living in temporary accommodations.

You will be able to learn more about the project and exchange with other participants on how the inputs relate to your own work experience.


Interested? Find out more and register HERE to receive the link to the webinar! We are looking forward to seeing you there!