What are the societal trends that will shape youth work? And what will the future of youth work look like? What skills do we need to have? These questions were tackled in the second episode of #EAYW podcasts, featuring Orla Casey, the founder of Momentum.


Within our research project “Futures of Youth Work,” we aim to explore emerging and future societal developments relevant to young people and youth work, and to develop scenarios for the future of youth work. A part of our research involved interviewing experts from various fields about future developments and their potential impact on youth work.


5 people giving each other a high five all togetherThe guest of the second episode is Orla Casey, founder of Momentum, an organisation that aims to create an impact by providing education and innovation programmes and by developing innovative curricula and tertiary educational strategies for many of Ireland’s top higher and vocational education institutions.


In her interview, Orla shared some of the important trends she observes, as well as important skills — like resilience — which we need to talk more about. Orla also mentioned the need to strengthen the mapping of the ecosystem of youth work at both the national and the EU levels.


These are just some of the topics covered in this second episode! Check it out and enjoy the interview!