Promotional photo for a "Call for facilitators and rapporteur for the 3rd #EAYW"

We are looking for three facilitators (including a digital facilitator) and a rapporteur for the 3rd edition of the EAYW. The third EAYW event will deal with the topic of future developments and their impact on youth work.


As a member of the EAYW team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to preparing and implementing a challenging and inspiring international event and to enable the participants to jointly explore potential future developments, discuss their possible impact on youth work, learn from promising and successful examples of addressing them, and build the knowledge and capacities of the youth work field. 


We are looking for facilitators with experience in facilitating large-scale events for different stakeholders in European youth work and/or related fields, able to work in residential, online and blended environments and having knowledge of main themes and developments in European youth work, especially knowledge in the main topic of the EAYW (innovation as a response to current and future developments and their impact on youth work).


The rapporteur of the 3rd EAYW should have experience in analysing, summarising and drafting reports of a more complex nature in English language as well as sound knowledge of European youth work, developments, trends and the role of different stakeholders of the European youth work community.


The 3rd edition of the EAYW is planned to be held on 14 – 17 May 2024 in Slovenia.



You can find the Call for facilitators and rapporteur HERE


We are looking forward to your application until 10th August!