As you might already know, on the 4th of November, we implemented the first #EAYW webinar called “Innovation in Times of Disruption“, which was part of the larger webinar series “Learning as a field in times of disruption and change” that is running from November 2021 to April 2022.

You can read our impressions about the Webinar here. Now, we are excited to share with you the wonderful picture that our graphic recorder Mireille van Bremen created after the Webinar.

Have a look at it down below:

This graphic recording has been produced in the form of the poster and was sent to all the participants who attended the first Webinar. If you are interested in downloading the file in the large format, you can find it on this link.

You can use this QR code to scan it and access the application for the 2nd EAYW Webinar directly!

Don’t forget that the Call for participants for the second #EAYW webinar on recognising larger trends and seeing interconnections with youth work is still open! It will happen on 16th of December, 9.30 (10.00) – 12.00 CET and include an input by Dr. Peter Merry, who oversees learning and innovation for change-makers at Ubiquity University. Find more information HERE! See you there!