Are you curious to find out more about the second EAYW event, which was held in May 2022 in Slovenia, and the outcomes of the discussions among the 150 participants related to various aspects of innovation in youth work?  We invite you to take a look at the event report that has just been published!

Innovation is essential for the overall sustainability of the youth sector [and it] comes out of necessity. The practice illustrates that youth work and innovation are intrinsically intertwined”. This is the first of a series of the conclusions that rapporteur Boshko Stankovski highlights in his report.


In just over thirty pages, the report describes the conceptual approach to the second EAYW event and takes an analytical look at the diverse innovative practices coming from, and often combining elements of youth work, youth research and youth policy, which were presented at the event. Following the main questions related to innovation in youth work explored during the event, the report further looks into specific aspects discussed by the participants over two and a half days, such as factors supporting innovation, needed skills and competencies of youth workers and creating a culture of innovation.


For instance, Boshko notes, there “is an emerging trend of knowledge transfer from other sectors, especially business, to the youth sector as well as blending different tools/ approaches of formal and non-formal education”. This knowledge transfer is beneficial for youth workers, so the conclusion, in order to learn from other sectors about new organisational models and approaches and to develop innovative practices.

Check out the outcomes and conclusions related to other aspects of innovation, such as youth worker competences, organisational support, youth work funding and policy.

We encourage you use the observations and conclusions of the second EAYW event elaborated in this report as a basis for further reflection and maybe discussion in your group or organisation.

Thirty pages are too much to read and you only have a few minutes? Start by taking a look at the section that catches your attention the most…


Enjoy reading!

You can download the report by clicking here.