Welcome to the special edition of our #EAYW podcast! We started this podcast in autumn 2020 in order to discuss topics around innovation, quality and trends in youth work with experts from the field.


The guests of this #EAYW podcast are Dragan Atanasov, Michelangelo Belletti and Federica Demicheli, researchers and experts in the youth work field. 

Dragan is a trainer, researcher, evaluator and author, specialized in youth work recognition, youth policy, cultural diversity and community development. Michelangelo is a trainer, youth worker and social entrepreneur, with a PhD in pedagogy. Federica Demicheli is a trainer and expert in youth work and youth policy with a specialization in recognition of youth work, non-formal learning and volunteering. Read more about our researchers here.


In this interesting 30-minute podcast episode, Federica, Dragan and Michelangelo are presenting main outcomes of the study, on the topic of innovation, factors that support or hinder innovation, and how you can use the Study in your work.

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Enjoy the podcast with our researchers and see you soon with a new #EAYW podcast episode!