Institutions and organisations from six EU countries believe your city can become one that cherishes learning!

The strategic partnership project “Connected Spaces of Learning in Europe” has the aim to create a sustainable youth-oriented online platform for European cities and regions to map, deliver and recognise diverse learning opportunities for young people. The project also goes by the name of “Cities of Learning”, the title was chosen to highlight participation in the global initiative of connecting passions of young people with opportunities in cities and regions.

One of the main objectives of the Cities of Learning project is “to map and connect spaces of non-formal and informal learning, which will enable young people to better “navigate” through the learning opportunities, based on their needs, interests and passions across the wide spectrum of learning.”

Cities of Learning is a territory-based web platform that enables cities and regions to create unique learning pathways for their youth using interactive maps, online learning playlists and digital Open Badges.

Want to find out more? More information is available on the project web-page at