What kind of contributions are we looking for in 2021? What are the trends that we can recognize in the youth work field at the moment? What should be the quality criteria for the selection of contributions? How to reach the contributors? These were the questions we had a chance to discuss during the joint EAYW Steering Group and Advisory Board meeting on 21st January 2021.


The discussions were fruitful and gave us important input for further defining the conceptual framework for the contributions. It was highlighted that we need to look at innovative practices from the perspective of process rather than only the final outcome. This corresponds to the vision of the EAYW, where the focus is put on looking at why, when and how innovation happens. Furthermore, youth work is part of an ecosystem where various stakeholders play a role. The EAYW should be a place that brings together and considers the perspective of different actors that are part of the European youth work community.

Furthermore, we named some of the trends in and influencing youth work, which contributions could address. Digital youth work, mental health of young people and youth workers, revisiting youth participation and citizenship under changed conditions, youth work recognition, cross-sectorial cooperation and creating spaces for young people/active youth were identified as some of the current trends in and influencing youth work. All of these findings will be valuable when looking at contributions and their connection with current trends.

All in all, while contributors should get the chance to present their practice, approach and experience to a group of youth work professionals, they should be ready to discuss and compare it with other approaches and to use their experience to trigger reflection and learning about how to support further developments and innovation in youth work, policy and related fields.

The outcomes of the meeting are going to be used for creating a Call for Contributions for the 2nd Edition of #EAYW that is planned to take place in Slovenia in the beginning of November 2021.

The Call for Contributions should be published in the course of February. If you have interesting innovative practice in, related to or of relevance for the youth work field, if you would be interested to share it with the European youth work community of practice, and if you’re excited by the idea of thinking and discussing with peers and colleagues in the field more about how and why innovation happens and what are the current trends that are and need to be addressed – then stay tuned! To keep updated, follow us here and on our Facebook page!

We’re looking forward to our next step in the #EAYW journey! Join us!