The first edition of the European Academy on Youth Work took place in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, from Tuesday, 21 May until Friday, 24 May.

Programme overview (Note that the key note of Prof Patricia Loncle, foreseen for day 2, had to be cancelled.)

Hans-Joachim Schild has been involved in the conceptualisation and development of the EAYW from the start. His concept paper provides some insights into the motivation, political and programmatic framework and conceptual reflections on innovation and summarizes the purpose and profile of the EAYW.

The EAYW background paper , written by EAYW researcher Dr. Theo Gavrielides with the assistance of Aidan Chase-McCarthy, looks at the contributions that were presented during the first edition of the EAYW. It tries to answer the question of what these contributions might represent in terms of trends and innovation that we can currently observe in the field. The thought-provoking hypotheses based the inputs of 36 contributors as well as existing literature presented in this paper aimed to stimulate further reflections during the event.

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During the first #EAYW we also created several short INTERVIEWS with different stakeholders who talked to us about the Academy and how the event was for them.  

  • Guoda Lomanaite, Director of the Lithuanian National Agency and EAYW Steering Group member, told us more about the background of the Academy and its relevance on policy level. ➡️
  • We spoke with Uwe Finke-Timpe from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in Germany about our event and what he will bring back to the Ministry. ➡️
  • One of the EAYW speakers, Marteen Leyts, founder of Trendwolves, a trend research, strategic marketing and communication Agency, talked to us about youth work and what it can gain from cooperation with other sectors. ➡️
  • Matevž Straus (Arctur and Idrija 2020), also one of the EAYW speakers, explained to us why it is important for their organisation to create deep relationships with young people and how to do this. ➡️

Stay tuned!

More outcomes are currently being collected and will be published here soon.