Are you interested in innovation practices and current developments in youth work? Would you like to keep updated on tools and instruments created within the youth work sector? Probably you are interested in published researches and studies? Or in the development of youth work policies? Then this is for you – keep on reading!

There is so much to share from the world of youth work, especially projects and activities implemented by organisations that are contributing to the development of quality youth work. Studies, researches and publications regularly give us insights related to young people and youth work practices. Similarly, policy makers are improving youth work policies and creating new ones to respond to current trends. 

The EAYW values all of this work! Therefore, during the first edition of the EAYW, 36 contributors from all over Europe and beyond have been selected and will have the chance to present their practices live in our event in May. Contributions to the EAYW come from youth work practice, research or policy as well as from other sectors of relevance for youth work.

Not everything is already available online, but we would like to present some of these innovative practices before the EAYW starts! Once a week we will present you with “Innovative practices of the week”, where you will be able to find more information on practical tools, researches and policies.

We would like to start discussion about quality youth work, current developments and innovation before the event as well, so if you will be commenting or sharing innovative practices on social media, do not forget to use #EAYW in your posts!

So – bookmark our page and let’s talk about innovative practices each week!


List of Innovative Practices of the Week